Partnership is at the heart of what WPDI stands for. This is because peace and reconciliation are fundamentally about partnerships, about building communities around a single shared goals. Our beneficiaries are collaborators on the ground. They are the ones who, in the end, make peace happen. We work with them; they work with us. Our role is to ensure that courageous, dedicated children, youth and citizens at large, have the right resources to transform their communities into safe and prosperous havens. Our role is humble, yet it is a challenging one because of the nature of these places where we operate. Channeling resources to our youth collaborators on the ground means that we need committed partners upstream.

Partnerships ensure WPDI’s ability to develop and continue its critical work, whether that is training cohorts of future peacemakers in South Sudan, delivering skills and knowledge into vulnerable communities in Tijuana, supporting youth-led social businesses in northern Uganda, helping develop self-sustaining entrepreneurial ventures in the rural Chiapas state of Mexico or teaching conflict resolution in schools in the United States. Anyone can do their part and contribute with us to disseminating the seeds of peace across countries and continents. Your commitment – large or small – will make a meaningful impact for thousands of young men and women who have decided to drive change in some of the most difficult places around the world.

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