When students are in safe learning environments and are emotionally connected, they can better focus on academic requirements. In many schools and communities,  violence, bullying, and behavioral issues among students occur on a daily basis, which inhibit students academic learning, personal growth and sense of emotional and social safety. The purpose of the Domestic Harmonizer Program (DHP) is to address these problems, while boosting learning and promoting the peaceful resolution of conflicts at school.  The DHP is currently being implemented at Carnegie Middle School in Carson, California, but will soon expand to other schools and districts in the Greater Los Angeles Area.


An Innovative Model

The DHP contributes to the development of youth leadership through classroom coursework as well as through school-wide initiatives, such as peer mediation and entrepreneurship, improved communications, problem solving, and interactive learning. Additionally, the program fosters more peaceful school settings by increasing cohesion between teachers and students. The program achieves its objectives through interactive professional development workshops for teachers, demo lessons for students and teachers, a unique peer mediation program for students and counselors, and school-wide events focused on peace-building.

Through this model, we reach the whole school – students and educators – as we work with them to address school-based conflict, bullying, and violence through communication, mediation, and restorative justice. As the students cycle through the three years of the program, they deepen their knowledge and understanding of conflict resolution, mediation, and restorative justice, while teachers become sufficiently trained to be able to sustain the program on their own.

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