Communities will have a better chance at lasting peace and sustainable development if they can access relevant information and knowledge and can communicate among themselves and with the world. WPDI’s strategy to facilitate vulnerable communities’ access to information, knowledge and the Internet led to the formation of a global network of Community Learning Centers (CLCs) in the communities where we have deployed branches of the Youth Peacemaker Network. At present, we have 15 CLCs in South Sudan, Mexico, Uganda, and South Africa. Together, they receive more than 200,000 visits per year.




Community Hubs of Impact

The centers are educational hubs that fulfill WPDI’s objective of imparting knowledge and tangible skills to as many community members as possible in order to broaden the impact of our initiatives on the ground. WPDI provides free certified courses in topics such as conflict resolution education, information and communications technology, business and entrepreneurship, and arts and crafts. The CLCs also host events for the public under our Cinema for Peace and Peace Through Sports programs in addition to other cultural activities and community dialogues.

The CLCs also serve as platforms for a number of our partnerships, such as with the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s Aftercare program, or with the sexual and reproductive health educational initiative we conduct jointly with UNESCO.




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