Brandon Chapnick, partner of Chapnick Smukler & Chapnick, has been practicing business management for over 10 years and has over 20 years in the entertainment business. graduating from the California State University at Northridge with a degree in finance, Brandon began his career in the entertainment industry working from the ground up as an agent trainee at a top Los Angeles Agency.

Brandon’s client list includes 15 -20 entertainers, producers and executives scattered throughout all disciplines of the entertainment business. Brandon is hands on in overseeing his client’s investments, ranging from stocks and bonds; multi-family and commercial real estate; closely held corporations and the like.

In 2003, Brandon joined Chapnick Smukler & Chapnick, which his father had created a year before with Keith Smukler,, of which he became a partner in 2009.

In addition to his position with the Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative, Brandon is a former board member of The Fulfillment Fund, a Los Angeles-based charity that provides college access to underprivileged students.  Brandon lives in Encino, CA with his wife and two children.