I managed to win by a landslide, because the people know the impact I have had in my community as a peacemaker.” 

Joyce Sunday, a WPDI Youth Peacemaker from Northern Uganda

My name is Joyce Sunday and I am a WPDI Youth Peacemaker and newly elected District Councilor in the Agago District, located in Northern Uganda.

Before I joined WPDI in 2017 and trained to become a Youth Peacemaker, I thought that peacebuilding and conflict meditation were issues only the government could solve. But I was also always been interested in opportunities to become a peacemaker in my community. During my training, I gained skills and knowledge that allowed for openness, diversity, and the sharing of experiences. It inspired me to think that peace is an achievable reality.

Once I completed my training with WPDI, I worked hard to promote peace in my community. Working with other youths, I conducted Community Dialogues, trained other leaders in peacebuilding and conflict resolution, and advocated for issues impacting my community. I was even able to mediate a conflict over a land boundary between the Lapono and Adilang and persuade them to halt hostilities and live together in peace. In the past months, I have worked to educate others about COVID-19 and preventative safety measures, using information provided by groups like the World Health Organization.

Joyce Sunday speaking for WPDI

Recently, my WPDI training and community work inspired me with the confidence to compete in a local election for a District Councilor position in the Agago District. I ran for the office against two men, both older than me. Despite having less financial support than them, I managed to win by a landslide, because the people know the impact I have had in my community as a peacemaker. I attribute this success to my work and training with WPDI.

As a newly elected District Councilor, I am responsible for advocating for and monitoring the delivery of social services. I intend to focus on health and education and work to ensure that women and their rights are respected. Together, with everyone’s participation, we can promote peaceful coexistence and social and economic empowerment.

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