224 women from Acholi, Uganda learn about Business and Entrepreneurship from WPDI

November 2, 2021 – Recently, WPDI launched a new initiative in the Acholi Sub-Region designed to empower 224 women from vulnerable contexts with knowledge and skills in business and entrepreneurship.  Led by 30 of our Youth Peacemakers active in Acholi, the trainings – which began in September and will conclude in December – will lay the groundwork for the women to develop businesses that will generate income for themselves and their families as well as provide various benefits for their communities. Once their training is complete, the women will – in groups – develop plans for 15 small businesses, to be supported by WPDI and our partner.

At the heart of this new initiative is the understanding that successful peacebuilding activities and sustainable economic development are two sides of the same coin, especially in communities – like the ones in the Acholi Sub-Region – that are still recovering from long-lasting conflict. With many of the women in this cohort coming from especially vulnerable situations, including widows, single mothers, or women in dire poverty, traditional opportunities can be very hard to come by. Our program is precisely designed to help these women create opportunities for themselves by providing skills and assistance to develop businesses that will help them become self-reliant while contributing to deliver relevant services to the community.

WPDI teaching women in Acholi, Uganda about Business and Entrepreneurship

Although they still have another month of training yet to complete, the women – who were recruited from the Acholi Sub-Region’s 15 counties – are already voicing excitement at the prospect of the opportunities they have begun to envision. Florence, from Omoro, told us that “The trainings have opened my eyes to so many existing gaps in the market. I feel empowered and know so much about customer care, business management, and how to generate business ideas.” Jackline, another trainee from Gulu, noted how, for her, the market research training has been especially insightful: “I was able to participate in a case study about a poultry farm and learned about poultry keeping. I believe this knowledge will help me succeed in the poultry business.”

With the cohort now beginning their final month of training, our 30 Youth Peacemakers plan to work closely with them to ensure they have developed a comprehensive understanding of business and entrepreneurship. If the enthusiasm and determination they have exhibited are any measure of future success, each of the women will prove to be successful entrepreneurs – and key transformational figures in their respective communities – indeed.

This program is made possible thanks to the financial support of a foundation that wishes to remain anonymous.

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