January 16, 2024 –  At WPDI, experience has taught us the power of teaching Peace Education from a young age. In the Cape Flats, South Africa, for instance, our teams implement programs that aim to break the entrenched cycle of violence and instability that many communities suffer. Amidst pervasive challenges, instilling Conflict Resolution skills, empathy, and cultural understanding becomes a powerful antidote. 

Education is a transformative force, empowering students to navigate societal complexities peacefully. By fostering emotional intelligence and promoting social cohesion, well-designed programs can ensure that schools in this area not only contribute to a safer and harmonious environment but also play a pivotal role in cultivating a generation of compassionate citizens committed to positive change. It’s an investment in sustainable peace, resilience, and the collective wellbeing of a community eager for transformative growth.

Based on this approach, our Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding Education program in schools is dedicated to imparting essential knowledge, attitudes, values, and behavioral competencies to students. This equips them with the skills needed to resolve conflicts peacefully and nurture mutually beneficial relationships. 

WPDI staff and Youth Peacemakers tirelessly mentor and support the emergence of a new generation of peacebuilders, transforming daily life in schools and encouraging learners to implement peace tools in their communities, fostering a ripple effect. With each new cohort that we train and graduate, the forces of peace are strengthened in our target areas.

In 2023, we proudly conducted graduation ceremonies at 17 primary and 13 secondary schools in the Cape Flats, celebrating 6,212 learners’ successful completion of the program.

Teachers provided really positive feedback on how the programs are transforming attitudes and improving social cohesion, creating future leaders of sustainable development. “I would like to thank WPDI and its stakeholders who made this program possible for our learners. The organization has been consistent in providing the learners with knowledge of how to become leaders and change makers in their classrooms, homes and their communities. We are grateful for the commitment of your team who makes a great impact in the lives of our learners. As teachers we have witnessed their progress, and it has been inspiring to see. This program has allowed our learners to tap into their true potential and avoid becoming a part of the negativity in their communities. Thank you WPDI for your dedication to bringing change in the Cape Flats,” said Ms Pam, a Grade 5 educator at Levana Primary school.

For students, the program has helped them realize their potential, and find the power within them to become proactive learners and positive role models to their peers. “I believe in myself more now, thanks to the peace building program at my school. I can see the development this program made in my life. I have applied the practical ways of finding inner peace and conflict analysis tools and they have made me calmer when dealing with my personal issues. I really want WPDI to stay at my school and help more learners and even some teachers to find peace and spread the message of peace. This program has definitely changed my life,” explained Cassidy Petersen, a Grade 8 pupil at Crystal Secondary School.

We are excited for what the future holds for participants in our programs in South African schools, and we are looking forward to continuing and expanding the program throughout 2024.

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