My name is Cissy Joy Namatovu.

Cissy is a young women born in Uganda in 1988. She studied early childhood development, for which she received a diploma. She also holds a certificate in cosmetology, which she acquired after being inspired by a WPDI workshop in entrepreneurship at Hope North school in 2012. After that experience, Cissy joined WPDI’s Youth Peacemaker Network in the Acholi sub-region of Uganda and received one year of intensive training in conflict resolution, information and communications technology (ICT), and business and entrepreneurship.

I am who I am today because of WPDI. I attended training sessions in various topics such as peacebuilding, entrepreneurship and business skills, ICT, and leadership. This has completely changed my life.


Cissy’s story and the world

A former child soldier

2.5 Million child soldiers in the world

An entrepreneur

150 new businesses supported by WPDI in Uganda

Trained and supported by WPDI

community-learning-centers 15 WPDI Community Learning Centers in the world

I am a woman who loves creating a positive difference in the community.

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Cissy Joy Namatovu loves to learn more about other people, their cultures, and backgrounds as a way of appreciating nature and its diversity. Above all else, she “is a woman who loves creating a positive difference in the community.”

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